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Imported from Italy, our genuine leather is full grain and automotive-grade providing unparalleled strength, breathability and suppleness -- it’s simply the best. Leather trim can be customized to be any color. The Alden Crystal's textured iridescent-crystal glass basin with LED lighting simply shimmers. This chair features modern must-have  accessories such as an optional iPad holder, real-wood arms and a purse hook that will lend an air of sophistication to any nail salon or spa. Winner of multiple Nails Magazine Readers Choice Awards as well as Nail Pro Magazine's Nail Pro Awards.


Genuine Italian Leather

Chevron Genuine Italian automotive grade and top grain leather providing unparalleled durability, breathability, and suppleness. 3-year warranty on leather.


Crystal Glass Basin

Crystal-glass basin with iridescent “mother of pearl” finished surface; basin is durable, thermal shock resistant, LED lit and compatible with spa liners. The platform is gorgeously designed with LED-accent lighting along the sides that will also light up the floor.


Technician Seat Controller

Conveniently located near the pedicure technician, the technician seat controller allows the technician to adjust the chair without disturbing the client.


Remote Control Holder

Tired of dropped or broken remote controls? Our remote control holder keeps the remote in place.


Armrest Color
Bowl Color