Drain/Discharged Pump

 _With Drain($200.00)

Vent Option

 _With Vent($200.00)

Jet Option

 _Magnetic Jet($50.00)


The small footprint and clean, sleek design of the Diamond G Orange HTxT4s and its color combinations will beautifully blend into any salon or spa. The new footrest design comfortably elevates your customers’ feet while using little precious space. The spa basin has all of the great features you have come to expect from T4 Spa

Human Touch® HTxT4S
90° – 145° Power chair recline
7” Powerchair forward/backward
90° Rotating armrests
Removable Sink
Liner™ Jet Technology
Magna® Jet and liner
Technical Bulletin 113 currently registered in 3 states Boston, California, and Oregon. In the end of 2014, salon with 9 or more chairs will need to comply with Technical Bulletin 113
Armrest made of polypropylene, a naturally Acetone resistance material
Stainless steel trays with cup holder
USB port and purse holders
Cordless built-in remote control with body map for full function massage
Feather touch rollers, rotating horizontally
Pad sets – leather (removable with Velcro)
Sand colored trimming
Face colors can be changed to espresso, cappuccino, red, gray, or cream
To test for authenticity – rollers have Human Touch logo


$3,100.00 Regular Price
$2,800.00Sale Price