Whale Spa Enix features luxurious PU leather seats and top of the line premium commercial grade full function Caresst™ massage system. Our PU leather is abrasive and chemical resistant. The armrest is made of real wood along with foldable trays and cup folder. The Enix has a hand painted glass basin that is painted underneath the glass so that it retains gloss. From the technician's point of view, this chair offers great features as well. The pipeless magnet jet has an easy to remove cover and impeller that allows for easy cleaning along with disposable spa liner compatible that makes it easy to keep this spa chair operating efficiently. The full-function massage, dual function spray hose/spouse and time-tested reliability of this beautiful model make it one of the finest Whale Spa pedicure chairs. The Enix will grace your spa with beauty, unbeatable functionality and extreme customer comfort.

Enix III Pedicure Chair-W