Color is available in:

  • Pionite #WY351-H Jewel Mahogany with Brushed Aluminum
  • W001 Star Light Quartz
  • Other colors are available in:
  • Color image not 100% accurate because of light reflection


  • Elegant Nail Station custom made just for you
  • 5 station-cabinets total
  • Each station has its own drawers & cabinets
  • Built-in electrical outlets


  • Height 30" x Width 20" x Length 14 Feet
  • 94"
  • All dimensions listed are approximations



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Delivery to outside curb or near the front door

It will take 10-12 business days

Half Moon Shape-Manicure Table-Model # NT-0223-BS

$4,499.00 Regular Price
$4,250.00Sale Price

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