The Irving PRO 8-Function Machine is the perfect all in one facial unit. Its 8 functions help it to be one of the most valuable, versatile, and functional units out there. Some of the functions include facial, magnifying lamp, massage brush, and vacuum. This all in one unit is a better option instead of buying each unit separately so save time and money with the Irving.


•     Made in Taiwan.
•     Frequency 50HZ/60HZ.
•     Independent controls for steamer & ozone.
•     Net Weight: 70 lbs
•     Arm Length: 23.5”
•     Height (with arm extending to its upmost position): 56.25”
•     Magnifying lamp maximum extendable length: 48” 
•     DIM: 17”(L) x19”(W) x 36”(H)
•     The 8 Functions:
       1.     Facial steamer
       2.     Massage brush
       3.     Vacuum
       4.     Spray
       5.     High frequency
       6.   &nb