The best product in its class, the HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purifier (Model HA-SCP-G3) is the ideal system for use in a multitude of commercial settings, nail and beauty salons, dental offices, print shops, and workshops.

With patented technology, the HA-SCP-G3 effectively cleans air in a highly efficient and innovative 3-stage process. As contaminated air passes through the unit, the Pre-Filter, eHEPA® Filter, and Enhanced Carbon Catalytic Filter work in conjunction to capture microscopic air borne particles and kill microorganisms; including dust, smoke, allergens, virus, bacteria, mold, gasses, odors, and VOCs.

The HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purifier offers simple remote and touch control operation and is equipped with a three-speed fan that enables control of air flow and sound level. By easily adjusting the flexible hoses, the hoods of the extraction arms can be strategically positioned to capture impure air. Once purified, conditioned air is re-introduced into the facility, resulting is a safe work environment with a healthy breathe zone for technicians and clients.

Engineered for portability, heavy-duty wheels allow the unit to be easily moved as needed. With dual-inlets, this unit is designed to serve two adjacent workstations. If required, multiple units can be utilized to accommodate additional workstations at the same time.Maintenance of the HA-SCP-G3 is simple and does not require the use of any tools. Naturally, when it is time for the filters to be periodically changed, the access door on the back of the unit can be effortlessly unlocked enabling easy access to the filter housing. Simple to operate and maintain the HealthyAir® Source Capture Air Purifier offers the most advanced and powerful extraction technology available in the market.

Source Capture Air Purifier – Dual Inlet